This is a prime example of a "One of a Kind" piece of work.  It also showcases Eugene's unique and masterful carving talent.  An extensive amount of time was devoted to this project.  The main roses and background were carved out of 3" thick Basswood.  Six other roses were individually carved and inserted to create a three dimensional half-bouquet effect.  The curtains and shelf were carved separately, also out of Basswood, and mounted to the base.  The Florentine frame is also Basswood and Gold Leafed with 22.5 K gold.

The complete work measures 34 x 47.5 (86 cm x 120 cm)


"Everlasting Bouquet" earned Eugene Pentz a first place ribbon for the "Carver's Choice" award, at the Brant Festival in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada in 1999. 

Above, Eugene proudly holds the First Place Ribbon won at the 1999 Annual Brant Festival.

A detail of the work during the actual carving.  Note that this section is entirely from one piece of wood.

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